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  • Title: L'esquive
  • Release year: 2003
  • Director: Abdellatif Kechiche
  • Actors: Osman Elkharraz, Sara Forestier, Sabrina Ouazani, Nanou Benhamou, Hafet Ben-Ahmed, AurĂ©lie Ganito, Carole Franck, Hajar Hamlili, Rachid Hami, Mariam Serbah, Abdellatif Kechiche
  • Movie length: 117 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama; Romance

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The story provides great and good made storyline, though, it is hardly modern.

You will definitely get a lot of great impressions from L'esquive if you interested in watching films of this category. It is one of the best films in the Romance category and you will get so many fantastic emotions during watching it. Rachid Hami, Sabrina Ouazani, Nanou Benhamou, Hajar Hamlili are acting really great here and a lot of moments of the movie are breathtaking. L'esquive is one of the most anticipated films of 2003. Acting of Rachid Hami, Sabrina Ouazani, Nanou Benhamou, Hajar Hamlili is making this film even better. Duration: 117 m. Get tons of delight from watching L'esquive movie.

Why was the picture bad? I think it is a really fair film, it was not banal, there were surprises in plot, its feeling is actually nice. I loved it!

We think that you 100% will like this movie. It is just my imho.

Interesting flick. L'esquive at least is a something modern or original in 2003. Good story, authentic acting, and obviously worth watching! Fun and impressive and relaxing. Not the best story line or performing, but impressive in its own right. If you are seeking for cool performance and violence, this flick brings it with style. L'esquive is one of the best actions of 2003 with such famous actors like Abdellatif Kechiche, Sara Forestier, Aurélie Ganito, Nanou Benhamou who are playing their roles so wonderful. You should just stop looking for some other things if you are interested in spending a pleasurable night alone or with some of your friends watching the Romance film. One of most wonderful of them is right here! Duration of the film is 117 mins and you would definitely enter the world of great positive emotions that Abdellatif Kechiche and other participants of the film are showing you during this time. Thank you very much and we wish you a pleasant view. Don't wait. Start watching this movie right now. Bookmark L'esquive movie; and share it.